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Photos added from Wales V Scotland Football match

Wales-V-ScotlandPhotos added from the recent Wales V Scotland game at Cardiff City’s ground in Wales.

The trip started with a taxi to the airport at 5am – definatly worth spending the extra money to get a taxi!
Easyjet plane down to Bristol, then Bus transfer to Train station and train Bristol to Cardiff. Book the transfer from Brstol Airport in advance via the First Rail website.

Stayed in the Park Inn Cardiff City Centre which was ideally placed for the main pub district on St Mary Street.  Expensive but the cheapest we could find.

Friday we were able to get tickets to the Wales V Samoa Rugby at the Cardiff Millennium Stadium.  Wales narrowly won 17 to 13.  It could have gone the other way in the closing moments.  The stadium is massive and shows what Scotland should have done to Hampden.

Saturday was the Wales V Scotland football match at Cardiff City’s new ground.  25,000 capacity but only 13,000 seats ocupied.  Wales won 3-0 – the first goal on 13 minutes.  The game led to Burley being sacked on the Monday.  Cardiff City stadium shows what can be built if there’s room to build a brand new stadium.  Tynecastle, Easter Road and Pitodrie take note.

Favourite pub of the trip would go to the Walkabout pub – 2 very large TV screens and a large dance floor.

Back Sunday afternoon by the same way we went.

Good trip if you forget about the 90 minutes of football in the middle.

Norway V Scotland Photos

Norway-V-ScotlandPhotos from recent trip to the Norway V Scotland World Cup 2010 qualifier, and subsequent tour round the Baltic’s.

Monday – Edinburgh to Stavska, Ryanair Stockholm.  Bus to Stockholm (2 hours!) Night out in Stockholm.  Stay in Best Hostel in the old town.

Tuesday – express train to Arlanda Airport (£25 return), Stockholm, fly to Gardermoen Airport in Norway, local train to Oslo and night out in Oslo. Stay in Thon Hotel Spectum in Oslo.

Wednesday – Match day.  Norway 4, Scotland 0.

Thursday – local train to Gardermoen Airport, fly to Arlanda, express train to Stockholm, taxi to Värtahamnen ferry port, overnight Tallink ferry to Helsinki on the M/S Silja Serenade.

Friday – Arrive in Helsinki by ferry, night out in Helsinki

Saturday – Linda Line Express ferry to Tallinn, Estonia, night out in Tallinn

Sunday – day of rest.  Walk to top of Tallinn.

Monday – Bus tours of Tallin by Tallin City Tour’s bus

Tuesday – Hansabuss Business Class bus from Tallinn Estonia to Riga Latvia (£25 business class!).  Night out in Latvia.  Ate an excellent meal in Hospit?lis Extraordinary Restaurant in Riga.  Steak and baked potato for £7.50.

Wednesday – 22 bus to Riga Airport (50 pence!), fly back to Stavska, Ryanair Stockholm.  Local bus to Nyköping (£2.50 each way), afternoon eating icecream, local bus back to airport and fly back to Edinburgh.  Taxi home.

All credit to Ryanair, all flights left and arrived on time with no issues.  They were inforcing the one cabin bag rule very rigorously but that didn’t affect us.  Some people obviously can’t count!