Photos from Slovenia June 2010 Trip

Photos from Slovenia 2010 trip added.

Sunday 20th June

normal_jmg_1318Edinburgh to Stanstead with Easyjet, then Stanstead to Trieste Airport (actually near Turriaco 40km away).

We’d missed the bus by about 20 minutes and the next one wasn’t due for another 2 hours.  A taxi to Sezana would be 150 Euros, Triest would be 50 euros, or 20 euros to Manfacone train station.  Thankfully there was a couple from Australia also trying to get to Triest so we shared a taxi to the station.  3 Euros for the train to Triest from there.

Once in Triest we eventually found the tram from Trieste to Opicina which is travels up the side of a very steep hill – 1 euro.  From Opicina we managed to get a taxi across the boarder to Sezana – 20 Euros.  We found the train station with about 2 hours to spare so we watched the Italy V New Zealand world cup qualifier in the bar.  We eventually got to know that the train had been cancelled due to work on the line, and there was a bus transfer available to Postojna where we could board a train (free). The train then ran from Postojna in to Ljubljana and we arrived about 9pm.

We stayed in the Hotel Park Hostel.  A hotel and hostel in the same building.  If you believe in proper fire escapes I can’t recomend this hotel – it only has one unprotected stairwell and 2 lifts.  Apart from that the hotel was clean and the room was sufficient, free wifi in reception along with 3 internet PC’s.  We finished the night in the Skeleton Bar.

Monday 21st June

normal_jmg_1324A few pubs then climbed up to Ljubljnski Castle which has two very swish bars in it.

Pub crawl round Ljubljana watching the various world cup qualifiers.  No more then one beer in a pub, so watched the first half and second half’s in different pubs.  It was obvious that most of the pubs had invested in new flat screen TV’s for the world cup.

Tuesday 22nd June

Pub crawl watching the world cup qualifiers – only one photo taken…..

Wednesday 23rd June – Slovenia V England world Cup Qualifier

normal_jmg_1332We headed to a large outdoor area where a large TV screen had been put up.  5,000 slovenia fans, about 10 Scottish, and about 100 English fans watched the game.  Slovenia eventually lost the match but for a brief moment still thought they’d qualified second.  Unfortunately the USA scored a late goal against Algeria and came second.  Slovenia were out.

It looked like a large party had been organised if Slovenia managed to get through to the semi finals, but alas they didn’t quite manage it.

Thursday 23rd June – Metlika to visit Maja

normal_jmg_13397:30am Train from Ljubljana down to Metlika near the Croatian Border to meet an old friend Maja.

It was the last day of school in Metlika so the place was crawling with kids.

Thankfully we just made the last train back to Ljubljana and arrived at midnight.


Friday 24th June

normal_jmg_1350We climbed Šišenski Hrib / Tivoli Landscaped Park.  Unfortunately there was no view from the top which was heavily covered with trees.    We passed the “Church of the Visitation” on the way down.

A few more pubs to watch the football in including the “Guinness Pub” and the Cutty Sark.  The Cutty Sark pub was home to the Tartan Army during a previous TA invasion in 2005.  Photos of the trip were still adorning the wall in the pub, featuring Social, Shambles, Tam Coyle and Ally Smith.

Saturday 25th June

normal_jmg_1368We headed down to the city centre to see the return of the Slovenia Football Team.  They were received like heroes.

Then the start of the trip back.  Ljubljana to Sezana by train (about 8 euros), then taxi to Opicina (8 euros), and tram down the hill to Triest (1 euro).

We eventually found out hotel above a jeweller.  Out at night for some swanky food in an outside restauraunt where the thunder and lightning started.  Following that we eventually found a bar that had a TV for the world cup.  Again outside in the rain…

Sunday 26th June

normal_jmg_1399Bus from Trieste to Trieste airport.  Bus took about 90 minutes and seemed to stop at every wee village on the route.  Flight back was called as final boarding about 90 mins early so we sprinted through the airport to find no sign of a plane.  At this point we were in a wee room with no bar….  We arrived in Stanstead airport just in time to see England crash out of the world cup 4-0 to Germany.  The German people next to us seemed rather pleased – the same couldn’t be said for the english.  Back to Edinburgh and airport bus home, a very tired man.

A very good holiday from start to finish.  Good weather most of the days – not to hot and not to cold.  Most days done wearing a kilt.

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